Our wooden glasses are engineered to exceptional standards, with each pair taking at least seven days to make. The manufacturing process is intense, and forms part of a seventy step process, with great care being taken at each stage to ensure quality and accuracy. All our frames are made from real wood veneers which we source from around the globe, and each individual veneer is hand selected before we commence. All our veneers are sourced directly from suppliers we have known for over 30 years, giving them an intense knowledge of what we require.

Our hinge mechanism allows for a perfect amount of flexibility between arms and fronts, and all our hinges are chrome plated. We manufactured and designed our own machines in order to rebate the hinges into the wood at precisely the right angle and depth.

The finishing of our wooden glasses is the lengthiest part of the manufacturing process, and each pair is sanded dozens of times before the finish is applied. Each pair is coated with at least 6 coats of our own Bravaso wet look lacquers, giving greater protection to the finish, as well as an intense gloss that is durable and weather resistant. We also offer our finish in matt, which is just as durable.

Campbell Marson – Exceptional Engineering in Wood