Design and Inspiration

London Town

The streets of London are filled with a noise unlike any other city on earth. We are a truly multicultural city and we are inhabited by every type of nationality in the world. It’s what makes us special and perhaps the reason that we are the fashion center of the world.

Our influence is truly diverse and we take our inspiration from everything we see, feel and hear on our streets. Our wooden glasses are unique in style, beauty and design and they are made entirely from wood. Our chief designer Istvan Kuntner is a cabinet maker of distinction, and it is his vision and skills that lead our small and selective team to hand crafting optical perfection. Our design criteria was simple. The wooden glasses had to be exceptionally engineered, ultra lightweight, adjustable and fashionable.

The selection of wood species used in our frames spans the globe. We hand select every single piece of wood used in our glasses, from the way the log is cut, to the grain pattern used. We use a variety of quarter sawn, crown sawn and burrs woods.

Our cabinet makers check every single veneer before we begin production, to ensure the grain pattern is exciting and varied. We have managed to create a truly inspirational range of wooden glasses using a variety of sustainable and exotic woods never seen before. Every pair we make is abso­lutely unique.

We have worked with wood and wood only at Campbell Marson for over 90 years and we are experts in this arena. There is a passion for wood that runs throughout our entire company and we are both humbled and blessed to be working with this gift of nature.

We are Campbell Marson London – 1924.